What is the difference between a copper ball valve and a stainless steel ball valve?

Copper ball valve and stainless steel ball valve is a good sales on the market of two kinds of material ball valve, stainless steel is a modern comparison of a common material, but it is suitable for use on the ball valve. Copper ball valve and stainless steel ball What is the difference?
1, They use the material completely different, copper ball valve selection of copper, stainless steel ball valve is the choice of stainless steel.
2, Copper ball valve excellent corrosion resistance, smooth operation of the switch, durable and not leak. Stainless steel does not occur corrosion, pitting, corrosion and wear and high temperature. Usually the point of stainless steel.
3, The same pressure, the offer is cheap stainless steel, and copper ball valve over the medium temperature is much higher than the stainless steel ball valve If the medium temperature is too high, it is necessary to use copper ball valve, if the medium temperature does not exceed 80 degrees,

Use stainless steel ball valve.
Based on the above comparison, when you buy the ball when you know which ball is the most appropriate selection of it.