The difference between the gate valve and the globe valve

Gate valves and globe valves are shut-off valves and are the two most common valves.
From the shape of the gate valve is shorter than the shut-off valve, especially the need for a higher height of the column space. Gate valve sealing surface has a certain self-sealing ability, and its valve core pressure tightly with the valve seat sealing surface contact, which is tightly leak-free.Gate valve and cut-off valve compared to its main advantage is the fluid flow resistance is small, the general valve flow resistance coefficient of about 0.08 ~ 0.12, and ordinary cut-off valve resistance coefficient of about 3.5 to 4.5. Open the closing force is small, the media can be two parties. The disadvantage is that the structure is complex, the height of the larger size, sealing surface easy to wear. The sealing surface of the valve must be forced to close the valve in order to achieve the seal, in the same caliber, working pressure and the same drive device,

The driving torque of the shut-off valve is 2.5 to 3.5 times that of the gate valve. This should be noted when adjusting the torque control mechanism of the electric valve.
Ruidu sealing valve sealing surface, only in the complete closure of the contact with each other, forced to close the spool and sealing surface relative slip is very small, so the sealing surface wear is also very small. And the sealing valve sealing surface wear, mostly due to the spool and
Sealing surface before the debris, or because the closure of the state is not tight, causing high-speed erosion of the media caused.