Optional solenoid valve precautions

Solenoid valve as an important component of industrial automation and control, and its choice for the automation control plays a decisive role, so to choose a suitable work situation, and the price is also suitable for the product, it is very important.Then, to choose a product and pay attention to what parameters:
1. Solenoid valve is used to promote the opening and closing of the valve, usually used for caliber in the 40mm below the two-bit control, which is especially for connecting, cutting or switching gas, liquid and so on.
2. Valve sealing performance is one of the main indicators of the quality of the valve evaluation. Valve sealing performance mainly includes two aspects, namely, internal leakage and leakage. The internal leakage is the degree of sealing between the valve seat and the closing member to the medium. Exposure is the leakage of the valve stem, the leakage of the gasket in the mouth and the leakage of the valve body due to casting defects. Exposure is not allowed to happen.
3. The media pressure: medium pressure is one of the most important parameters of the solenoid valve parameters. General solenoid valve pressure is roughly divided into three ranges:
(1) Low pressure (zero pressure difference): the situation refers to the medium pressure is very low, almost no pressure situation (generally less than 0.1MPa), according to the pressure of this situation, we require direct use Solenoid valve (zero differential pressure solenoid valve).
(2) Medium pressure (pressure more than 0.1MPa): This situation refers to the medium pressure range is generally 0.1MPa to 1.6MPa range. Under the pressure of the case, select the pilot solenoid valve, can be a good fit Work, but also extend the life of the solenoid valve.
(3) High pressure: this situation refers to the actual working pressure of the medium is very high, we must choose high-pressure solenoid valve.
4. Caliber size and connection: According to the actual situation of the pipeline, select the appropriate pipe flow solenoid valve, the general diameter of the solenoid valve is based on the diameter of the pipe to make a choice, such as the outer diameter of 32 mm pipe, diameter 25 mm, Then the diameter of the solenoid valve should be 25 mm, that is, DN25 solenoid valve.
5. The power supply voltage: According to the actual work conditions, select the appropriate power supply. Such as: AC220V, AC380V, DC24V, DC12V. Note that the power supply itself to control the range of ± 10% range, so that the solenoid valve can be stable operation.
6. The main advantage of the solenoid valve is small size, reliable action, easy maintenance, cheap. Select the need to pay attention to choose according to process requirements normally open or normally closed type.
7. The valve body material: general solenoid valve body material is stainless steel, PTFE, brass, cast iron, aluminum alloy.
8. The applicable temperature: the general use of the solenoid valve, according to the internal seal is not the same, the applicable temperature range is not the same. General Dingqing rubber seal suitable for medium temperature range of -5 to +80 degrees, fluorine rubber seal suitable for use In the range of -5 to +120 degrees. Silicone seal suitable for the range of -50 to +60 degrees, PTFE seal suitable for -196 to +250 degrees within the range of ultra-high temperature +600 degrees
9. Flow rate refers to the flow of fluid through the valve, the valve is the main performance indicators.