Knife Gate Valve


Knife Gate Valve
Knife Gate Valve dwg

- Stainless steel gate as standard. Gate is polished on both sides to avoid jamming and seat damage.
- Bottom of the gate edge is machined to a bevel to cut through solids for a tighter seal in the closed position.
- On request: thickness and/or material of the gate can be changed for higher pressure requirement.
- Unique design that mechanically locks the seat in the internal of the valve body with a stainless steel retainer ring.
- The standard stainless steel stem offers a long corrosion resistant life.

Knife Gate Valve information
Knife Gate Valve information
- Full port design for greater flow capacity and minimal pressure drop. Internal design avoids any build up of solids that would prevent valve from closing.
​- For rising stem handwheel actuators only, a stem protector is provided for additional protection against dust while the valve is in the open position.
German production equipment

RUIDU company adopt the German production equipment and improve efficiency to 70% -80%. Our company laid a good foundation for the future because of sophisticated equipment and serious attitude.
  1. Knife Gate Valve workshop
  2. Knife Gate Valve workshop
  3. Knife Gate Valve workshop
  4. Knife Gate Valve workshop
Valve unified fumigation of wooden packaging, vacuum foam padding inside the bag, reduce the damage caused by the impact of the valve, add a desiccant to prevent internal moisture ocean, we will do our best to bring the best products to the destination.
  1. Knife Gate Valve packing
  2. Knife Gate Valve packing
  3. Knife Gate Valve packing
  4. Knife Gate Valve packing