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Flanged Y strainer with flanged end connections.
Stainless steel body available in sizes 2" - 6".

Multi-purpose raised face stainless steel Y strainer:
- Available sizes 2" - 6"
- 316/304 stainless steel body
- 316/304  stainless steel seats
- ANSI B16.5 150#
- Flanged connection ends
- API 598 test standard
- Body: ASTM A351 Gr.CF8M
- Screen: SS304
- Gasket: PTFE
- Flange Dimensions: ANSI B 16.5 150 #
Y-Strainer dwg
Y-Strainers are typically used in applications where the amount of solids to be removed is small, and where frequent clean-out is not required.  They are most often installed in gaseous services such as steam, air, nitrogen, natural gas, etc.  The compact, cylindrical shape of the Y-strainer is very strong and can readily accommodate the high pressures that are common in this type of service.  Pressures up to 6000 psi are not unusual.  When steam is being handled, high temperature can be an additional complicating factor.  A steam pressure of 1500 psi will often be found at temperatures of 1000°F.
Y-Strainer information
Y-Strainer information
Y-Strainer workshop
Y-Strainer workshop
Germany polishing machine
Clean the surface of the valve body hair, make more bright and shiny finish.
Y-Strainer workshop
Semi-finished products display area
Semi-finished products display area, orderly management, no operating errors
Germany advanced production equipment. 
Y-Strainer workshop
360°all-round auto paint
360 ° all-round auto paint, paint a more smooth
Our products are more precise and durable for using Germany advanced production equipment. 
Valve unified fumigation of wooden packaging, vacuum foam padding inside the bag, reduce the damage caused by the impact of the valve, add a desiccant to prevent internal moisture ocean, we will do our best to bring the best products to the destination.
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  2. Y-Strainer packing
  3. Y-Strainer packing
  4. Y-Strainer packing