Needle Valve

Needle Valve
Needle Valve dwg
Needle Valve information
- High quality, investment cast body 316 stainless.
- Threaded NPT ends.
- High pressure 6000psi WOG.
- Manufactured dry and silicone free for use in instrumentation and waterborne paint applications.
- Sizes 1/4" to 1" available.
- PTFE packing.
- 316 stainless steel gland, handle and stem.
Industrial grade needle valve cast from high quality investment stainless steel.  High quality, high pressure and manufactured dry and silicon free for use on instrumentation and waterborne paint applications.
Needle Valve information
German production equipment
RUIDU company adopt the German production equipment and improve efficiency to 70% -80%. Our company laid a good foundation for the future because of sophisticated equipment and serious attitude.
  1. Needle Valve workshop
  2. Needle Valve workshop
  3. Needle Valve workshop
  4. Needle Valve workshop
Valve unified fumigation of wooden packaging, vacuum foam padding inside the bag, reduce the damage caused by the impact of the valve, add a desiccant to prevent internal moisture ocean, we will do our best to bring the best products to the destination.
  1. Needle Valve packing
  2. Needle Valve packing
  3. Needle Valve packing
  4. Needle Valve packing
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